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Green Sea of Heaven

Images reveal themselves on the canvas

in a meditative process, applying paint and color without a specific idea other then listening and following a call to create emptiness, a space for the imagination.

Brigitte Bruggemann

The words came as I stood there before these living abstractions, these sound colors, their movements flow out into the atmosphere .

Joseph Bottone

“It’s Easy If You Try”

Just like you picking up the brush not really knowing

where it will lead you, and so it is with what I wrote marveling

at the delicate beauty of your work. Yes, feminine, the life bringer.

Easy if you try.

Have we finally transcended out of our dead past,

have we finally broken free,

surely there is female form,

hidden energies; there to the left, can you see her

in the layered colors, delicate image

standing there as spirit?

Easy to imagine characters of the heart,

to cultivate your garden of love,

to let go, you watch your step at peace-

- what can be more beautiful then love,

easy to imagine he's a magic man,

I mean a magic women

to paint like this, not even the saints, not even if...

Vast Rolls the Green Sea of Heaven

What do we have but our thoughts

could fall away into silence -—-

Accustomed to scented roses, and so much


White strokes over green fields —

fascinating colors that begin the story.

Ocean of green, winds of white lines …

beginning water, blue, a wild place—

great birds of prey, herds of bison,

wolves. What wants to be born is all here

floating away.

The wonder of this work :

colors are the energies

from her hidden well of feelings and moods.

The love of invention and discovery

through a stream of unconscious gestures,

of trust, her hand and eye will lead her home.


Blue, what this color does for you,

see how it floats on the air like the sky and the ocean

there is music

in this play of color shapes.

Looking into this work

you can respond to it .

I am there in it.

It delights me

energized in the abstract

vibe electric.

As it loves itself, it makes everyone happy

even the playful gods know

this blue is famous

for its inspirations, for its devotion to God.

This blue is the peace you were looking for.

and when you are sad, there is blue.

“There Is”

Imagination, when

nothing becomes something.

Brush strokes, colors.

Dragons face, no -

a green sloping hillside, a river runs through.

There is

a lovely white sandy beach

to rest -

peaceful thoughts of Rumi,

takes you through that field of no right or wrong.

I meet you there.

Out Beyond

If it's a thing, an object, how do I enter it, this field.

What is out beyond has been found,

the secret inside is a treasure

we treasure ourselves and others,

we go for long walks and talk with God.

Imagine vast open space, see what you called into being.

I love to meet you there in the blue of it and the green.


The hawk circles round and round

above the cloud cover.

To the inner eye

imagine the forming of the sea

in a mist like primordial smoke.

The landmass forming

now green

now shadow

now children and the navigators

about to launch their new life.

“Joy for All People”


Some kind of joy

leapt out and opened new pathways-

when love would sit beside me

a joy

thrilled into the light

an early dawn.--

Some kind of joy

sat beside me and held me

and softly I wept for the sake of these blessings


Reflections on water,

a mirror, serenity has a face like this

a contemplation



From darkness

to the light

growing wings

to become

these images and the words will soon be available in a little printed book

the original paintings are 12x12x1,5" acrylic on panel.

Inquire at

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