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meadow in the morning-mist.jpeg
Encaustic paintings 
The technique: Beeswax and damar resin melted together with pigment, then applied while hot and fluid to a panel, each layer is fused with the previous layer with a hot air gun or torch. How the medium flows with the hot air is often a surprise and part of the magic for me, plus the wonderful smell of beeswax in the studio, the rich transparent surface, smooth or bumpy ---
                            ahh wonderful and delicious --- also an homage to the bees.....

My most recent series of small 8x8x1,5" panels started with a question: "What if"...
taking a playful approach, making spontaneous, no-mind decision about color, shapes and line but then going back to the conscious decision making about formal elements.
I am happy with the results of this playful uplifting series of little paintings. they are ready to hang without a frame and work well in multiples.

What If.jpeg

"What If" 8x8x1,5" $550.                                                                         "There, The Grey" 8x8x1,5"  $550.

Make it Different.jpeg

"Make it Different" 8x8x1,5"  $550                                                       "What if I Put a Line There" 8x8x1,5"  $550


"Blumiges" 14"x11.5"   $650.

April #4 8x8" sold                                                   April #3 8x8" $550
April 1.jpeg
April 2jpg.jpg
April #1 8x8" $550                                                                  April #2 8x8" $550
Zen Walk.jpeg

"The Poet's Voice"   12x12x1.5 cradle board NA                   "Zen Walk: 12x12x 1.5" gradle board $450.


"La Vie En Rose" 8x8x1.1/4"  $550                                                           "The White Line" 8x8x1.3/4" $550.

"Morning Mist Rising: 8x8x1, 3/4"      $550                                                   "Longing #2"  8x8x1,3/4"  $550

evening light front_edited.jpg

 "Evening Light"

8x8xx2x' encaustic $550.


"May First" 16"x12"x2 panel   $600


"Dreaming"   12x12" $450


     "Lily of the day" 13x13" framed black   $450                                           "Go With The Flow" 13x13" framed black $450  


"A river runs through it " 12x12x2"panel $450.                                                  "Wildflowers" 12x12x2"panel     sold


"Winter Sun #1 12x12x1/2"panel  $450                                                                "Chrysanthemum" 12x12" framed silver  sold

walk in the woods_edited.jpg

"Walk in the Woods 10x10" framed white   $250                                                "Flight" 13x13" pannel        $450

Note: the frames for these (if they are framed instead of being on a 2" deep panel) frames are shadow box frames in black, white or silver the choice has been  made according to the painting colors

meadow in the morning-mist.jpeg

New encaustics: "Let it take You"                                                                    "Meadow in Morning Mist"sold                                                                                                                                                       

                                                               both framed 13x13" 

Morning Sonf#2jpg.jpg

"Morning song #1"  11"high x 11.5" framed $350                                   "Morning song #1"  11"high x 11.5" framed $350    


"March Early 1 8x8"  $450                                                                                        March Early 2 8x8" Sold                

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