Works in collections
The paintings on this page are a selection of many works that have been placed in private and corporate collections over the last 30 years. My intention in showing them here is to demonstrate the unfolding of style and subject matter in my work over the years as well as the support I have been blessed with by collectors in search for a work of art that is uplifting and brings joy to them on a daily basis, a painting should not become "wallpaper" over time but to keep changing and allowing to see it a-new, calling on the imagination - which abstraction will do. The images do not tell you "what they are" they rather ask questions of you like: how do you feel and why, what comes to mind, comes into your heart when you look when you are present with me? 
Gerhard Richter, a very internationally famous painter said quote:
Abstract pictures do indeed show something. they just show things that don't exist. But they still follow the same requirements as figurative works: they need a set-up, structure, you need to be able to look at it and say ;" It's almost something." But it's actually representing nothing. It pulls feelings out of you, even as it's showing you a scene that technically isn't there" unquote.
I am always searching for a new way to express my connection and experiences in nature and my search for "What is behind it all"  
If you are a collector of my work reading this I want to thank you for your  support and hope that you are enjoying the light and blessings the painting might have brought you. If you are  still considering an acquisition please contact me I am happy to share with you what I am working on. 

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