from Tuscany and Provence

framed in a 10x10" black shadow box frame

$560. each

1 Yellow Afternoon
1 Yellow Afternoon
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Clothing Store
8 roseday
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   "Out Beyond There Is A Field - I Meet You There" (Rumi)


this series of 9 paintings  are inspired by this quote and the fields around my house during the seasons. Joseph Bottone wrote a poem for each of the paintings. Not for sale at this time

 from my travels 

Watercolors on paper  the images about 5x7" $520. each unframed,

$560 framed 


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dreams in blue

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The Alhambra in Andalusia Spain made a big impression on me, the moorish architecture, the tile work and the flowing water gardens/foutnains and the views across the valley.

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Red Village
Red Village

I went to see the Paul Klee museum in Bern, always loved his work, this is inspired by his work and the red roofed villages of Germany

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New Work:

"Little Pleasures"

a series of 3 watercolors mounted on birch wood panel $900.- 

The paintings, watercolor on aquaboard are mounted on a 8x8" birch panel and varnished to protect. They have been painted as a series, inspired by the fall colors in nature during a trip to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The abstractions may suggest the light filtering through the falling leaves, the meadow grasses all in a luminosity that can brighten and illuminate a space. They can hang horizontally or vertically 


"Orchard #1" 10x10" $560


"Orchard #2" 10x10" $560


"Orchard #3" 10x10" $560


3 watercolors on aquaboard  varnished for protection framed in 10x10" light birch wood shadow box frame 

brigitte brüggemann studio

14 Condesa Road

Santa Fe, NM 87508