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Artist Statement
My canvases make reference to places in nature; a forest, a garden, a tree, evoking a keen awareness of cyclical growth and decay, spontaneity and restraint, to make visible the invisible. 
With gestural brushwork, drawing into fields of vibrant color, I want to pull the viewer into rich, lush surfaces, dynamic lyrical organic forms. My own movement and marks on the canvas suggest that of a branch moving in the wind, or the river flowing by my house in New Mexico, in joyful celebration of life.  
Passages of pure painting, impasto or glazes, offer themselves as touchstones for another reality - glimpses of
"What is behind it All" 
Luminous Color, defies traditional definitions of Impressionism or Expressionism. With lyrical eloquence and amorphous symbolism I invoke and reach for visual manifestations of a spiritual reality prompted by intrinsic forces of nature. To paint “light and be light” is my desire and focus.
My process of painting is to go into the depth of my being, respond and manifest what appears to be the truth with color and brushwork. I surrender to what I did not “know” before. 
I live in Santa Fe New Mexico since 1990, have consistently exhibited and sold my work in Santa Fe NM,  in Houston, Boston, Denver and Europe since 1989. 

Brigitte Brűggemann                   505 780 5870


Born in Stuttgart, Germany.



1988                     MFA University of CO in Boulder. 

                             Studies with Chuck Forseman, Luis Eades, Linda Herritt,

                             Frank Sampson.

                             Master class painting with Sam Scott.

1986                     BFA with honors University of CO in Boulder.


Teaching Experience  


1990 -1995          New Mexico Highlands University. Professor 

                             in Painting, Drawing and Art Appreciation.

1987 - 1990          University of CO in Boulder Instructor in Painting and Drawing.

                             Teaching seminars in Italy and in New Mexico


Solo Exhibitions and Representation

2024                       juried into the Santa Fe Gallery Association's 2024 Artist Catalog.

2023                       Eldorado Studio Tour, Sept 23 & 24 studio #57

2023                       Poteet Victory Contemporary 124 West Palace str. Santa Fe, NM

2022                       Eldorado Studio Tour studio #57

2020 - to present  Bruggemann Studio NM, Santa Fe, NM 

                               Saatchi art online:

2017-2019              Winterowd Fine Art Santa Fe, NM

2014  to 2015        Brigitte Brüggemann Studio/Gallery Santa Fe,NM                         

2013                       Sandra Phillips Gallery, Denver, CO

                               Nikko Gallery, Palm Desert, CA    

2011                       Mill Fine Art, Santa Fe,NM

2010                       Lakind Fine Art, Santa Fe,NM

2009                       Waxlander Gallery Santa Fe, NM

2005                       Carlisle Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2000 –2003            Brűggemann Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2002                      Jules Place, Boston

                               Maclaren Markowitz, Boulder, CO.

1998                       Sandy Carson Fine Art, Denver, CO.

1996                       Khadoure Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

                               Lutz Galerie Stuttgart, Germany.

1994                       Sandy Carson, Denver, CO.

                               Conlon Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

                               Mill Street Gallery, Aspen, CO

1992                       Harris Gallery, Houston, TX

                               Arnesan Fine Arts, Vail, CO.

                               Gallery 44, Boulder, CO.

                               Rule Modern and Contemporary, Denver, CO.            



Selected juried Shows

2017                        Art Santa Fe 2017

1990                        “Colorado State of the Art”    

                                 Juried by Lucy Leppard, Bruce Guenther, Richard Koshalek,.         

                                 Traveling to: Colorado Springs, Denver, Arvada Center for the

                                 Arts and Aspen Art Museum. 

                                 “New Names New Works” Santa Fe East, Santa Fe, NM.

                                 Juried by Ruth Meyer of Taft Museum and Marjorie Talalay of the

                                 Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art.


International Representation in the past             

                                 Atelierhaus Pichler, Augsburg, Germany.

                                 Galerie Winkler, Hamburg, Germany

                                 Kunsthaus Schaller, Stuttgart, Germany.

                                 Ryoko Suzuki, Tokyo, Japan



2023                         Art2Life workshop in Sayulita, Mexico

2018                         ChaShaMa/North New York State Residency

2014                         Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany Italy Paintings and Poetry


Corporate and Museum Collections Private Collections:


                                 Museum of Art Albuquerque  permanent collection 

                                 The Hallmark Collection             

                                  U.S. West, Denver, CO. 

                                  Texaco Collection

                                  The Larson Healing Institute.

                                  Career Tracks, Boulder, CO. 

                                  CBS Headquarters, Dallas, TX.

                                  American Management, Houston TX.

                                  American Management, Denver, CO.


selected private collections:


                                  Sheryl Lee, Beverly Hills, CA.

                                  Primavera Health Spa, Japan.

                                  Inasawa Mental Health Clinic, Japan

                                  The Larson Healing Institute.

                                  Dawn Upshaw, renowned American Soprano

                                  Diane and Ken Williamson Iowa City Iowa

                                  Fleur Just, Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany Italy 

                                  and many other collectors in the US, Germany, 

                                  Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, Japan, Puerto Rico, 

The Art of Brigitte Brüggemann

Douglas A. Fairfield Phd ©
Santa Fe, New Mexico
former curator of the Museum of Art Albuquerque


Brigitte Brüggemann creates art from one place: Nature. That is her wellspring. Her landscapes in oil, watercolor, and pastel are not traditional however. They are visual manifestations of a spiritual reality prompted by intrinsic forces in Nature and life.

Her creative process begins with intimate communions with Nature where, according to the artist, “the inner landscape mirrors the outer landscape.” unquote





Review Quotes of Brigitte Bruggemann's work in exhibition


Southwest Art, Wolf Schneider:

….” The way abstract landscape painter Brigitte Brϋggemann sees her garden-inspired

canvases that brim with an infusion of flowers, plants, and light offer a meditative quality

in their creation…..


Crosswinds Weekly Lisa Polisar

“Learning to fly” …..with a painting style that defies traditional definitions of

expressionism and impressionism, Brϋggemann reproduces nature with a lyrical

eloquence and amorphous symbolism of images from the magic garden of her

childhood- acorns freshly fallen from an ancient oak, a single leaf floating in a sunstroked pond, the reflection of swaying branches on still water. Her signature, gently

abstraction, carried out with potent hues and an Asian treatment of line and form.

Simultaneously infuses control, intuition and spontaneity. The end result is that in these

paintings she is able to capture the intrinsic qualities of the natural world – beauty, loss,

beginnings and endings, ….The garden paintings …. Are more subtle, created in gentle

shades of pinks and yellows, showing not only her love affair with color but the

impressionist principle of light upon variable surfaces. Amid this artistry of blurred lines

and careful curves, there are no fixed, ultimate thoughts here – only wonder,

implications and speculation – ins flowing into outs and a back-and-forth between the

two. …


Santa Fe Reporter Zane Fischer:

Brigitte Brϋggemann’s paintings may ostensibly focus on flowers, but they are, to the

last of them, masterpieces of color, line and shifting ideas,,,,,,


New Mexican Craig Smith

Brϋggemann’s oils …. Her subjects tend to be abstract interpretations of outdoor vistas,

or believable landscapes of the imagination – the kinds of places you might be able to

turn around and walk into, if you could find that place east of the sun and west of the



Jo Ann Garcia Orellana (Gallery Hop)

… Inspired by nature, her lyrical organic abstractions are a joyful celebration of living,

Brϋggemann uses the garden as metaphor for life…. Her colors are vibrant, especially

her choice of reds, and her work definitely reflects the beauty of the human soul…..

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