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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Winter in Santa Fe is a time to go inside, physically and emotionally it is "Dreamtime", it is not always easy to focus. I have built my studio, moved into in September, then distractions with Holiday gatherings, January - "get real" - get to work. I felt the time I had spend to get re-established in a new home, designing and creating a garden, all was a creative time requiring much energy. Now is the time for studio work.

I have worked on several encaustic pieces, small for now, I feel it is time to explore another voice that wants to be heard, another song to sing, maybe just color field and light? Is it enough?

To work without any preconceived ideas about image, I just started with color, the beauty of beeswax and pigment leading me, asking to be layered, melted, scratched through to expose previous layers, I gave myself permission to play and what fun it was!

I hung the new pieces in my studio, the little show room I have built, I was happy with the new energy and light that was pointing to spring. Not long after a gallery director for a Santa Fe Gallery visited and took most of the new pieces to show at Victory Contemporary on 124 Palace Ave just off the Plaza. Such an affirmation of the process, making art by asking the question: What if.... I put a line there, what if I use some grey there to juxtaposed the reds and yellows next to it, what if I put yellow over the black.... what if - leads me to possibilities. I dwell on possibilities.

What If:



"What If" 8x8x1.5"

"Put Some Grey There" 8x8x1.4"

"I Put a Line There" 8x8x1.5"

"Make it Different" 8x8x1.5

"Zen Walk" 12x12x1.5"

"La Vie en Rose" 8x8x1.5"

"Hello Yellow" 8x8x1.5"

"The White Line" 8x8x1.5"

"Longing" 8x8x1.5"

"Clear Day" 6x6"

"A Poets Voice" 12x12"x1.5

"Evening Light" 8x8x2"

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1 comentário

Sharon Young
Sharon Young
15 de mar. de 2023

Wonderful work! Evocative and beautiful!💜

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