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My canvases make reference to places in nature; a forest, 
a garden, a tree, evoking a keen awareness of cyclical growth and decay, spontaneity and restraint, I strive to make visible the invisible:
With gestural brushwork, drawing into fields of vibrant color, I want to pull the viewer into rich, lush surfaces, dynamic lyrical organic forms. My own movement and marks on the canvas suggest that of a branch moving in the wind, a dance of life, reflections of light on the river flowing by my house:  a joyful celebration of life.

Passages of pure painting, impasto or glazes, offer themselves as touchstones for another reality - glimpses of 
"What is behind it All”

the latest works on 12x12" panel acrylic  "All that Jazz "#1 and #2 $600 ea.
Searching for the Light.jpeg
          "Sol Y Sombra" 12x12"                                 " Searching for the Light" 12x12" $600 ea.

"A Walk in The Forest" 4 panels one wood 12x12" 


"No Horizon" oil 60x60"  $6,000.

Frframed and unframed prints from  $12 to $65 depending on size. 10 Greetingcards in a box for gift giving or personal use for $40., single cards $4.

Available at my studio 

Iprint framed.jpeg
spread cards.jpeg
walk in Beauty.jpg
travel with wc.jpg
wreathing around river.jpg
out beyond.jpeg
Starling Story.jpg

These little books combine story or poetry with paintings in a collaboration with friends. 

Yvonne Dolan 's painting for the "Starling Story " with my story

Joseph Bottone 's poetry  with my images for "Wreathing around the Dancing River" and "Out Beyond",

"Walk in Beauty "features a story I wrote many years ago with my pastel images

they sell for $20. to $30. each

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