organic lyrical abstractions inspired by nature

My canvases make reference to places in nature; a forest, 
a garden, a tree, evoking a keen awareness of cyclical growth and decay, spontaneity and restraint, I strive to make visible the invisible:
With gestural brushwork, drawing into fields of vibrant color, I want to pull the viewer into rich, lush surfaces, dynamic lyrical organic forms. My own movement and marks on the canvas suggest that of a branch moving in the wind, a dance of life, reflections of light on the river flowing by my house:  a joyful celebration of life.

Passages of pure painting, impasto or glazes, offer themselves as touchstones for another reality - glimpses of 
"What is behind it All”

Crows-message diptych
Crows-message diptych

Crow's-Message diptych-left-22x26_
Crow's-Message diptych-left-22x26_

two paintings 26hx22"w to hang next to each other with a small space between them to add up to 26"h x 45" wide $ 3,500.

Mirage 48x42_
Mirage 48x42_

oil on canvas this painting works also horizontally and then becomes more abstract in studio $4800

Crows-message diptych
Crows-message diptych


 A series of four paintings 28 x12"each inspired by "The Field Out Beyond"

oil on panel $2,400 for the 4 paintings


untitled 2jpeg.jpeg

"Come into my Garden" diptych  ea panel 18x18" 

for the two $1700

a note about framing: my personal suggestion is not to frame the stretched canvases. I use professional stretcher bars and keep the 1.5" sides clean and white in order not to interfere with the image.  I paint right to the edge of the canvas to suggest the image to go beyond the edge of the painting into the space larger than the painting. A frame could close in the image.