organic lyrical abstractions inspired by nature

My canvases make reference to places in nature; a forest, 
a garden, a tree, evoking a keen awareness of cyclical growth and decay, spontaneity and restraint, I strive to make visible the invisible:
With gestural brushwork, drawing into fields of vibrant color, I want to pull the viewer into rich, lush surfaces, dynamic lyrical organic forms. My own movement and marks on the canvas suggest that of a branch moving in the wind, a dance of life, reflections of light on the river flowing by my house:  a joyful celebration of life.

Passages of pure painting, impasto or glazes, offer themselves as touchstones for another reality - glimpses of 
"What is behind it All”


diptych $4,500

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Indian summer in room
Indian summer in room

Indian Summer oil on canvas diptych 28h x 40/ 28x28" $4,500

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Mirage 48x42_
Mirage 48x42_

oil on canvas this painting works also horizontally and then becomes more abstract sold

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diptych $4,500

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My work can be seen in Santa Fe at the lovely


Café Des Artistes 130 Lincoln Ave

just one block from the Plaza a great place for lunch!


untitled 2jpeg.jpeg

The Field out Beyond 4 panels 28x12" each ( to make one painting


"Come into my Garden" 18x18" 


this painting will be in the Preview Gallery, the brochure and on the website for the Eldorado Studio Tour September 23 ( preview gallery opening reception) and my open studio September 24 and 25th. I hope you will join me at 14 Condesa Road Santa Fe, NM 875087

I will be in my  new studio at my home to receive visitors in a beautiful new space.

I will  have prints of my work , boxes of greeting cards  and small books of poetry, 

and of course original paintings available for sale

at a special tour discount 


Frframed and unframed prints from  $12 to $65 depending on size. 10 Greetingcards in a box for gift giving or personal use for $40., single cards $4.

Iprint framed.jpeg
spread cards.jpeg
walk in Beauty.jpg
travel with wc.jpg
wreathing around river.jpg
out beyond.jpeg
Starling Story.jpg

These little books combine story or poetry with paintings in a collaboration with friends. 

Yvonne Dolan 's painting for the "Starling Story " with my story

Joseph Bottone 's poetry  with my images for "Wreathing around the Dancing River" and "Out Beyond",

"Walk in Beauty "features a story I wrote many years ago with my pastel images

they sell for $20. to $30. each