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Haramara - Mexico retreat

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Living in the high Desert - Santa Fe New Mexico - the air is dry and vegetation is sparse, we do have fabulous sunsets, open vistas and a huge sky that opens your heart.

Mexico, Haramara = "Mother Sea" a retreat on the pacific ocean - jungle vegetation, humid air that feels so good on your skin - almost no lotion is needed. The constant sound of the ocean, waves crashing as loud as a spirit-train coming through, open cabanas with thatched roofs - no electricity - evenings are lit with oil lamps and candles. the sunsets!! Fire in the sky!

The experience has brought me home to nature in a powerful way, so powerful I felt a little out of myself - watching, being the watcher, detached and yes a bit shaken too, often close to tears.

The painting time was very intense, I was looking for something I did not know what it was - waiting for something to open - a door to the unfamiliar.

I realized that this week is only the beginning of "that something".

all paintings shown are 12"x12" acrylic

"Haramara 1"

"Haramara 2"

"Haramara 3"

"Haramara 4"

"Shadow in the Water" sold

"On the Path"


"The U Turn"

"Space of Light 1"

"A Space of Light 2"

"On The Path 2"

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