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Nothing Can Help Me But Beauty


this painting came to me during covid, I still lived in San Miguel County by the river - the flow of water was an anchor to hold me steady in isolation and helped me see the blessings of it.

When I say "nothing can help me but beauty - I mean it. When I think of the world and what is happening, I start weeping.

I am also weeping when I watch my cat trying to chase a lizard between the Pentstemons, the birds flying back and fro to their nest. a bumble bee shopping for pollen and the Lady bugs finding their meals on plants coverd with little white bugs. Ladybugs, 500 of them I had released days ago instead of using pestisides killing the bees and the birds.

Beauty - touch my heart deeply, it is not bad to weep, or is it? or is it just "sentimental"?

so I go to the studio and make some more - something to touch feed your soul (and mine) and lift your (and mine) spirit.

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