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New Chapter: Old Spirit-New Place

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

After almost 30 years living along the Pecos River, out in the country North of Santa Fe, I decided to move. It was a difficult decision, I had become attached to that beautiful place overlooking the river. The view, the ever changing colors of sky, the meadows, the river calm or turbulent, the clouds building up for a thunderous display with lightning and rain pelting my metal roof, I loved that sound and I loved the isolation and the room for creativity and connecting with nature.

It was time, I knew it, it was time to open up to something waiting to unfold. I sold my place and found a newly built house perfect for me in a place that has open meadows and a big sky, a place that has history going back to 1200 when Anasazi and Pueblo people lived here, the Old Spirits. When I first saw the house, when I got out of my car, I opened my arms wide embraced the land, I could breathe and feel the beauty of the surroundings, I knew right away this is the place that had been waiting for me to find.

So, I moved in with my cats, my things, my work and a feeling that I would be happy here and I am. I was fortunate to find a Landscaper to bring in big rocks, arrange them in a half circle in front of the house and a half circle in the back of the house, water flowing out of one of the beauties, birds loving to bathe in the fountain, newly planted trees and shrubs will provide shade and color in spring.

Just as I had been led to the place on the river 29 years ago, I was led to this place, had help along the way just when I needed it the most, and now here I am in wonder about the mystery in my life's journey.

My memoirs have just been published. Now another chapter can begin.

I will build a studio this spring next to my house, a place that is filled with light and views. Stay tuned.

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