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My memoirs, years in the making: "Growing Wings A story of Becoming" have been published and are available on line and with me.

****star reviews on Amazon
"Beautifully written with sensitivity,  courage and illustrated with exquisite art images,  Brigitte Bruggeman’s Growing Wings: A Story of  Becoming will inspire and resonate  with anyone seeking to embrace a fully authentic life grounded in spirituality and creativity.” 
This is a book not to be read in one sitting or a few. I found too many wonderful ideas to contemplate so I took my time in reading and rereading. There are passages I highlighted that I will come back to for inspiration in my art. The author’s life journey was poignant and insightful. Her work is beautiful.
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Just in time with the publishing of the book, a new chapter has begun: Brigitte Brüggemann has left her beloved place on the Pecos river where she has lived for 28 years. 

She now lives just outside Santa Fe New Mexico. How will this move will affect her work?

Her work is inspired by the environment, the "forces of nature", light, wind, and weather, the open sky and the colors of the New Mexico landscape. Her  new place is surrounded by  expansive gently rolling meadows dotted with juniper and cactus. The open sky, moving clouds and ever changing light is  also a reflecting her inner landscape: color is her voice, she relies on a warm palette, the positive vibrations of color, and elicits an  up-lifting response in the viewer , a joyful celebrations of life through her paintings. 

most of the work can be seen at my studio and studio visits are welcome.
Come  to see what inspires the work and choose 
a painting inspired by the natural environment and the artist's insights in the work.
A comment from a recent client:
"We have had a connection to your art for a very long time, so not surprising, we felt it with you, too.
We had a wonderful time hearing your stories and enjoyed soaking in the serenity and
spirituality of your home . Thank you for the memory!". 



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