the light is coming back, the dark cloud that has overshadowed all our lifes the last year and a half is slowly giving way to a life lived in solidarity with others, planting our gardens,
live a simpler life in humility and love for each other, pursue what is really important and
meaningful to feed our souls and lift our spirits. In my work I reach for the light in nature with a color palette that is warm and joyful. 

organic lyrical abstractions inspired by nature 

Brigitte Brüggemann lives along the Pecos River on a beautiful piece of land overlooking the Valley. Her work is inspired by the environment, the "forces of nature", light, wind, and weather, by the open sky, colors of the New Mexico landscape, and the ever changing Pecos River. The paintings are also a reflection of her inner landscape: color is her voice, she relies on a warm palette, the positive vibrations of color, and elicits an  up-lifting response in the viewer , a joyful celebrations of life through her paintings. 

most of my work can be seen at my studio 
come out to my magical garden to see what inspires the work and choose 
a painting inspired by the natural environment and the artist's insights in the work.
Also  check out the casita rental next to my studio.
A comment from a recent client:
"We have had a connection to your art for a very long time, so not surprising, we felt it with you, too.
We had a wonderful time hearing your stories and enjoyed soaking in the serenity and
spirituality of your home and the river. Thank you for the memory!". 

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my work can also been seen and purchased at

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