Bring in a painting you may have "eyed" on the website for some time now. Or, maybe choose a painting you have not noticed before large or small? There is no  better time than here and now to lift your spirit with a piece of art that brings joy and positive energy into your home.  You find some suggestions here on this page of all work available in studio but please inquire for more possible choices. Click on image to go to pages relevant to medium. 



"No Horizon" oil 60x60" $6,000


Mountain Meadow oi 48x48" $5,600 


"Unfolding #2  42x47" oil on canvas $5,300


"Speak to Me Softly" oil 41x41 $4,500.-

Crow's-Message diptych-left-22x26_
Crow's-Message diptych-right-22x26_

"Crows Message" oil diptych $3,500

sit stil
tulips pn mothers table

All watercolors available at $520 unframed frames are available
please check the special page for watercolors from Italy


"May First" 16x12 x 2" $800

Come into my garden
come into garden # 2

"Come into my Garden"  #1                                                          and #2 oil 18x18" 

Special Sale price

during the Eldorado Studio Tour  $850


"Ripening" oil 50 X 41"  $5,500

From my own collection of work by artist friends

Sam Scott

well know as one of the foremost lyrical abstract landscape painter living in Santa Fe, NM


"Sunbearer" oil on canvas 20x24" inquire


"Untitled" acrylic collage on canvas 14x11" inquire

Homare Ikeda

Homare and I went to CU Boulder together and both received our MFA there. He was born on a small Japanese Island and as he told me often loved the sea.

Qte"I often envision my life as a journey into the midst of the sea where the heart of creation resides,. There my whole being is slowly dissolved in the water falling and sinking; that is to say, my love of knowing and beauty of seeing coexist in harmony."Unqt


He lives ind works in Denver, Colorado where he is well known and highly successful with his work. 


"Blue" oil on canvas 62"x48" inquire

"Blue Bottle" 24x24" oil  on board inquire