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Paintings available directly from the studio
Bring home a painting you may have "eyed" on the website for some time now. Or, maybe choose a painting you have not noticed before large or small? There is no  better time than here and now to lift your spirit with a piece of art that brings joy and positive energy into your home.  You find some suggestions here on this page of all work available in studio but please inquire for more possible choices.



"No Horizon" oil 60x60" $6,000


"Spring Again" 41x41" oil $4,300


"Indian Summer" diptych 28x40 28x28"  $4,500

"Deep Forest" 18x18" $1,400.                     "Adagio" 18x18" $1,400.

"Memories of Light #2" 60x40" $5.800

 "Blessing" diptych 60x42" (each panel) $12,000.

"Walk in the Forest" 4 acruicas on panel 12x12" $950 each for multiples price on request

"Pathways" oil 28x28" $1,800.

"Etude" oil 36x36" $3,500 in studio

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