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Out Beyond

This line from a Rumi poem has long been with me, the lyrics and the metaphor:

"Out beyond there is a field of no right or wrong, I meet you there....."

Some years ago I had done a series of paintings in a collaboration with a poet friend writing down what he saw.

Now, July 2023, I was working on a series in acrylics, a new body of work, small 12x12" panels, working on more than one piece at the time to allow for fluidity and change, not getting stuck with one piece. I was experiencing a flowing of color and shapes, using new tools, new colors, a freedom of making decisions quickly and without fear - nothing to loose...

I was finished with the series and put it up in my studio to step back to evaluate what I had done, and discovered when I titled each piece, that I had made a story: the abstract paintings suggested landscape to me in a ephemeral way, like a birds eye view maybe?

Rumi and John Lennon's lyrics (Imagine there is no Heaven) I combined into a story of hope. for a better world.

here is the series:

"Out Beyond"

"Imagine There Is"

"A Heaven"

"The Blue"

"The Green"

"For All The People"

"It's Easy If You Try"

"No Right Or Wrong"

"I Meet You There"

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