Brigitte Brüggemann paintings in oil watercolors and pastels organic lyrical abstract in brillant color



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New Work from Tuscany

1yellowafternoon 2veil

3aquilea 4angelwing

5morninglight 6purplenight

7ripening 8roseday

9blues 10forest

11red 12walkinwoods

a series of 12 watercolors on aquaboard 8x8" inspired by the joyful abundance of life here up in the hills

of Northern Tuscany. The next project was the work on paper a bit larger than these little pieces, acrylics on paper

I have returned to New Mexico and will be available and happy to have you visit the studio to see new work.

please go to the studio page for more info and visuals.

Ciao and so long! Have a great Indian Summer




brigitte brüggemann studio

40 El Gusano Dr.

Ilfeld, NM 87538

505 614 5762

575 421 3236



To see more of the new paintings acrylics oils & encaustics, watercolors and pastels

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