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winter at my house

this is where I live..... winter on the Pecos


I have closed the gallery on Canyon road

I moved "operations" back to my home studio outside of Santa Fe on the Pecos river. I have done well on Canyon road,

the work had wonderful exposure and new collectors joined the list. I am very grateful for the support

and enthusiasm I received, but was time for me to find that quiet space inside me again,

be with nature, my inspiration and source, have time to travel and paint.

I have updated this website to include the lovely ceramic bowls we had in the gallery made as collaboration

with Joseph Bottone. ceramics

I also have some necklaces, the quarz crystal beads I so enjoy making as meditation on a new page jewelry

I am planning to go back to Italy again this spring for an extended stay from May to October

I will send newsletters from la Bella Italia.

Stay in touch, I will be open for studio visits to my home studio near Pecos about an hours drive N/E of Santa Fe

along I25 to Denver.


brigitte brüggemann studio

40 El Gusano Dr.

Ilfeld, NM 87538

505 614 5762

Sweet-may1Sweet May 3

sweet may 2sweet May4

four new paintings "Sweet May" 30x30" each panel




deva birdsfigure

this is summer at my house - my inspiration - my source


To see more of the new paintings acrylics oils & encaustics, watercolors and pastels

please click on "art"


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